You Are Your Brand


Photograph  by  Penny  &  Finn

Who wouldn’t want to buy fluffy croissants or fresh sourdough from an Englishmen riding a bicycle and cart?

That’s what we thought.

The Bread Pedlar is a popular, entrepreneurial startup company located in Lakeland, Fla. Owner Adrian Lucas puts amazing time and effort into creating his artisan bread loafs and pastries, which he sells at the Downtown Lakeland Farmers Curb Market.
The Pedlar’s branding gears strongly toward simplistic, rustic and natural—the three keywords that fit the Pedlar’s products, as well. In Adrian’s case, his company values mirror his own personal values, and the result is a long, trailing line of customers waiting for him when he pedals up to the market.

Adrian’s company culture pivots on natural products and a selective baking process, most especially with its sourdough loaf. Adrian spent a year learning how to create a sourdough starter from scratch (most bread comes from commercial yeasts rather than self-cultivated wild yeast). The sourdough loaf includes just three ingredients: flour, water and salt. Adrian takes particular care in choosing the best flour available.

“There’s something magical when you’ve created a sourdough starter of your own and created bread from that,” Adrian said of baking process. “A huge transformation takes place from the three very simple ingredients to…this big rustic loaf of bread that provides sustenance. It’s pretty powerful stuff.”

Because The Bread Pedlar so heavily values natural ingredients and a more ancient baking process, the simplicity of his branding makes sense. It becomes a natural extension of his corporate and personal values.

The website is clean and easy to navigate, and dominated mostly by striking photographs of Adrian and his artisan creations. The Bread Pedlar also has an active Instagram account, which is a smart social media choice for the company. On this platform, The Pedlar embraces the visual nature of his artisan bread-making, and the photos do more than just showcase the product— they connect people to the process.

By contrast, the Pedlar’s logo-type has no graphic symbol. With its intentionally textured font and heavy serifs, the logo matches up to the rustic, natural theme. It’s also easily and simply applied to a multitude of media, from bags to t-shirts to signs.

And Adrian’s method of delivery ties everything together. The bicycle and cart create the picture-perfect image of living a simple and natural life.

The Pedlar’s ideal client is someone who wants to put time, effort and consideration into the food he or she eats. The company’s narrative voice is sure to speak to that client, and both the Bread Pedlar and Adrian Lucas will fulfill the promise of rustic, natural and simple.

Photograph  by  Adrian  Lucas