Helping farmers and land owners reach their dreams is at the heart of AgAmerica Lending. Although their clients are located across the Southeastern United States and range from citrus growers to cattle ranchers to timberland managers, the company operates with a relatively small in-house team. Small, but with big marketing goals. 

Understanding they needed help to successfully execute the large-scale campaign they had in mind, the lending company brought in TFG. We dug in, explored AgAmerica’s raw ideas and came up with a comprehensive plan that achieved a number of objectives: honing a clearly defined message; developing a creative concept that resonated with their potential clients; structuring an efficient workflow; and coordinating a multi-channel media schedule. 

Working alongside the folks at AgAmerica, whether it was an early morning video shoot in a cow pasture or listening to hundreds of auditions for a radio spot, TFG made sure that each component of the campaign rang true, reinforced the message and complemented every other piece. This synergistic approach protected AgAmerica’s investment and ensured maximum impact. Because of the cohesive narrative and visual identity of the campaign, not a minute or inch was wasted.

TFG helped AgAmerica communicate their solid commitment to those who work the land in a robust campaign that has resulted in new customers and new dreams being fulfilled.