Stuck in the publishing rejection cycle?

Every time you finish a manuscript, it feels like this might be the one. The story that makes it past the slush pile, lands the agent, and ultimately gets the book deal. But then the publisher passes. The agent doesn’t write back. You get zero helpful feedback and the rejection cycle repeats.

Writers find publishing success through constructive story feedback, ongoing education, and networking. Created by authors, for authors, RC1 is a community of like-minded writers cheering each other on toward success! 

Get Fast, Actionable Feedback through our Peer Critique Forum

Supercharge your Craft with RC1's Total Story Accelerator

  • 24/7 feedback exchange with fellow writers in a private forum
  • Aggregated critique scores highlight your writing strengths and areas to improve
  • Breakout rooms to talk shop and discuss the curriculum
  • Win writing challenges to land agent and editor critiques 
  • 10 E-learning modules covering the most critical elements of craft from concept to query
  • Video interviews with industry experts and gatekeepers
  • Detailed curriculum packets that deep dive into craft
  • 70+ exclusive tools and worksheets created by published authors

Skip the slush pile.

RC1 actively promotes our top-scoring writers to agents and editors in our network. After all, we only succeed if you do!

Less than the cost of a single conference.

A conference comes and goes in a weekend, and most writers leave with a few golden nuggets and not much direction. With RC1, you get an entire year of access where each module builds on the previous as you finish your novel and prepare for submissions.

A promise and a money-back guarantee.

Here’s how much we believe in what we’ve built. If you put in the work by completing all of the modules in the Total Story Accelerator and regularly participate in our forum over the first six months, we guarantee you’ll raise your Story Scores or we’ll refund you 110% of the price. So you either end up a better writer, closer to your publishing dream, or you get all of your money back. Either way, you win.

I’m Fred Koehler, Founder of RC1

RC1 was born out of the pandemic when I asked all of my writer friends what they needed to progress their careers. The overwhelming response was twofold: A complete storytelling curriculum and a roadmap to publishing success.

In all my years as a published author and animation writer, I’d never seen a program that provides tools at the key moments you’ll need them in the writing, polishing, and pitching process. Well, not till now.

I won’t pretend I’m not terrified. This program is funded out of my own pocket. There could be hiccups. But Helen Keller says that life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all. So here we go, on an adventure. Are you READY?

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Build Your Author Toolkit

The more you learn, the quicker your work will be ready. Every RC1 class is laser-focused on preparing your story / manuscript for publication.

Grow Your Writer Network

Through live online classes led by acquiring editors and agents. Learn what they’re looking for in a manuscript and submit with confidence knowing you’ve made a personal connection.

Break the Rejection Cycle

Polish your work in progress until it shines. Then, learn tricks of the trade for getting past the slush pile and into the eager hands of editors and agents.